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Welcome to D2D Fourth Party Logistics

      D2D Fourth Party Logistics is a fast and steadily growing nongovernmental logistic enterprise, since its establishment in 2003, it has been devoting to international express delivery and Air Freight Forwarding businesses. Initially acting as agency of four international express net, it has built D2D’s own special international regional lines which covering Europe, North America, South East Asia, Middle East, South Korea ,Japan and Australia. The vicegerent business covers more than 220 countries and areas globally. Meanwhile, D2D Fourth Party Logistics are dedicating on cooperating with business partners to develop both domestic and international transportation business.
       Started from imitating and following managerial model of leading international delivery companies and adapting itself to the Chinese market, D2D Four Party Logistics has developed from single delivery to logistic- solution solver who always provides the "secure, fast and low-cost" service by continual efforts, while focusing on custom needs.
      Based on the philosophy that a group of talent people is the foundation and guarantee for good service, D2D sets offering staff with systematic training to set up a professional logistic team. We use the advanced logistic equipment, network and software technology which guarantee the high quality and high-speed transportation service , while offering full quality-control in service, focusing on every detail. At the same time, we also try our best to optimize the cost and the effectiveness according to shipment and your request, with the rational logistic-solutions and the economical logistics indeed.

Our mission:
       Committed to providing international and domestic companies with professional, safe, high efficiency and economical express service, D2D will dedicate pioneering efforts to boost development of international transportation industry and actively contribute to China's transportation modernization process.

Our aims:
1. With connection to famous international delivery network ,our express service can be wilder and full-scaled .
2. Optimized network organization and multi-choice solution can insure your best Way-out.
3. Enjoy equivalent or exceeding customer treatment.

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