Here you can bulk import lists, print labels, single-number tracking and tracing ... and so on.

Special Lines Delivery

1. Special lines delivery service in main cities in countries and regions worldwide which make short time delivery available..
2. Quickly and precisely without mistake in transfer

International Network Delivery:
1. With connection to famous international delivery network ,our express service can be wilder and full-scaled .
2. Optimized network organization and multi-choice solution can insure your best Way-out.
3. Enjoy equivalent or exceeding customer treatment.

International Air Freight Service :
1. Cargo Export & Import transportation service .
2. Provide timely cargo pickup and reliable inland transportation.
3. Handling Customs declaration and clearance procedure for you.

Express service at home:
1. Express service provided in most cities around the country .
2. Provide one –day arrived service in some cities.

Transportation service at home :
1. Provide the airway, railway, highway and multi-way transportation service.
2. Provide the door-to-door, airport-to-airport ,door-to-airport service.
3. Three ways to close a account: payment charge to sender, receive or the third party.
4. Provide you logistic-solution according your real need.

Insurance arrangement :
1. Arrange Transportation Insurance for your shipments.
2. Chose insurance, contact our customer service department and we will do the following things for you.
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